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This is What a Successful Logo Looks Like

If you thought this would be a picture post, think again. One picture can truly be a thousand words worth but occasionally we do need someone to tell us the story behind the picture. A logo is just that, a symbol, a wordmark, or a combination of the two which is able to tell your story to an audience who rarely spends more than a glimpse investigating it. Read more about the logo design principles below.

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Think about your brand

All of your business activities should be conducted with your brand image in mind. You have to be consistent at all times. Since your logo is your most immediate way of giving out an impression of your brand, it should also be the most striking one. Think about the main traits of your brand image. Make sure they are easily recognizable in your logo. This means that, whether they areclever and playful, or reliable and sophisticated, they should somehow be in there.

Stand out

A logo is something you instantly like and you instinctively know is the right choice. Apart from the instinct telling you that it is the right on efor you and the brand, pay attention to how distinctive it is. If it reminds you of something, you should look for another solution. Being involved in the industry and knowing your competition will help you get this part right. Avoid any similarities to your major competitors including color patterns, fonts, and symbols. That is the only way you will be genuine.

Avoid unwanted similarities

Similarities between your logo and the logos of your competitors are not the only ones to be avoided. Think about all elements, symbols in particular. They could put you in a bad context or simply in a context you don’t want to find yourself in. For example, certain color patterns could have you wrongfully associated with certain countries or regions. Also, if you are borrowing less-known symbols from different mythologies or use an element which closely resembles one of them, you may be surprised by some reactions you may receive. Even though you probably won’t draw the logo yourself, you should still be mindful of everything your chosen graphic designer presents you with.

Be memorable

Memorable is not only striking, which is a trait we have mentioned earlier in this article, but it is also something which is quite easy to recall. In layman terms, this is simplicity. Simple logos will be memorized in a matter of moments and random passers-by will leave with a piece of you in their minds. They may not remember what the logo is for, but they will have an impression of what may be behind it and they will be able to recognize it the next time they see it.


Simplicity is a good way to ensure memorability. What also makes simple logos particularly attractive is the ability to use them across different channels. A logo should look the same and have equal qualities on your printed materials, on your Facebook post, in the header of your letter, or on top of your office building. It should look good in all conditions and all sizes.


It is hard to start a project with a goal to create something timeless. How could you possibly know that something will be equally appreciated 10 or 20 years from now? If we refer to simplicity, yet again, we may have a good answer to this question. If you focus on simplicity with your brand in mind you are very likely to get the desired results. Another good tip may be is to put trends aside. Trends are something which belongs to a certain period of time, and as you want to make a timeless creation, you should get rid of all time constraints.

Sense of humor

People tend to remember things which leave a strong impact, and if something leaves them with a chuckle or at least a smile on their face, they are more likely to find a place to store it in their minds. Implement some sense of humor and try to bring in good vibes, people will love what your logo does to them and that affection will be transferred onto your brand.

Be appropriate

The sense of humor is great whenever there is an occasion which allows it. Be careful as there may be more than a number of situations when fun is not appropriate. Focus on the audience and the feelings they are going through when they are dealing with your business. A person going through a divorce does not need a clown to make them laugh as a temporary fix, but they need someone reliable, proficient, and supportive to help them stand their ground.

Look for answers

Every graphic designer will help ask you a couple of questions about your business before they start designing your logo. Remember those question and try to see whether you can recognize the answers in one of the test designs. These questions are usually in lines of finding out the mission of your business, the way it plans on achieving its goals, who the target audience is, what differentiates you from your competition, what your values are, and what your brand personality is.

The logo is so much more than a pretty picture. It can be a simple word, letters aligned, but the colors, the fonts, and the lines say a lot. To put this story in simple terms, a successful logo is something which instantly represents your brand’s personality. It is unique, it may, or may not enclose what it is that you actually do. In general, it should be simple, black and white, or of a subtle color palette. This type of visual representation of your brand will capture the attention of your audience, let them know who you are, and make them remember you.



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