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Privacy Policy

This website was published by Exalt Digital based in Novi Sad Serbia, subject to Serbian Law and applicable European Laws. Any questions you may have about the website or services advertised on it should be sent to


1. The Content

The content of this website is owned by Exalt Digital and any reproduction of the content can only be done with the consent of its authors.
Exalt Digital makes it its priority to keep the website and information presented on it up-to-date. However, even with the greatest efforts, it can happen that some of the information or circumstances have changed without the change being noted on We assume no liability nor offer any guarantees pertaining to the content and information publicly shared on the website.
Exalt digital is not liable for the content, services, nor offers on any third-party websites that may be accessed from it by the means of hyperlinks. The hyperlinks are provided only to improve our visitors’ experience by providing additional information and their purpose is not the endorsement of the third parties’ content nor services.


2. Data Privacy

The use of does not require providing of any personal data.
If you opt to use the services offered by Exalt Digital, certain personal details may be collected, only when absolutely required and either based on legal requirements or with your consent (e.g. contact details).

All data subjects residing in the EU should be confident that the collecting and processing of the details provided are always done in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Upon entering into a contract with Exalt Digital, all subjects will be informed of the nature and purpose of the data required and they will be asked to consent to the collection and processing of the data.

2.2 Data Protection Officer
The appointed data protection officer should be contacted with regard to any queries or suggestions related to data protection.

The data protection officer can be reached at:

2.3 Basis of data processing
The legal basis of data processing is regulated by Art. 6 par. 1 of GDPR.
Exalt Digital requires data subject’s consent in order to collect information required for the purpose of delivering services or preparing a contract.
Any legal obligations which may arise from the data processing are the liability of Exalt Digital.
The data will be collected only for those purposes which represent a legitimate interest for Exalt Digital (necessary for the performance of the business) unless those interests are in breach of rights and freedoms of the data subject.

2.4 The purpose and external providers
Some of the data collected on the website serve purposes which are fulfilled with the assistance of external service providers. The data may be collected for contact forms, blog comments, and website analysis.

2.5 Cookies
This website uses cookies. The cookies contain cookie ID as an identifier of individual computers or users by which they can be distinguished from others. The purpose of the cookies is to recognize a computer upon a re-visit in order to enhance individual user experience.
Any data subject can disable cookies in the settings of their browser and thus prevent any website from using their cookie ID. In addition, a previously set cookie can be deleted by using the browser option.

2.6 Data collected via cookies
Our website can collect the following general data with the use of cookies:

  • Information of the browser an OS used to access the site
  • Information about the referrers, that is the websites that led you to our website
  • Visited subpages of this website
  • Information about the IP address in its anonymized (shortened version) used to visit the website, as well as the time and date of the visit
  • Information about the internet service provider
  • Any other data which can be used to protect you if there is an attack on the system we use

The data collected is not used to “track” the data subject but to

  • Provide optimized content
  • For the purpose of viability and maintenance of our system and the website
  • To have the required details which law enforcement officers can use if there is a cyber attack on our system

The data collected in such manner are deleted after 6 months and are statistically evaluated only by us. There will be no connection made between your personal data you willingly provide for the purpose of using our services and the data collected through cookies.

2.7 Data recipients
There are external providers whose services are required for the functioning of the way it is currently:

  • Google Inc. Google Analytics / USA
  • LinkedIn Corp. USA
  • Twitter Inc. USA
  • Facebook Inc. USA


2.8 The rights of a data subject
Exalt Digital understands you have your rights regarding the privacy of your data and thus encourages you to get in touch with our data protection officer, or one of our employees whenever you wish to exercise one of the following rights>

2.8.1 Rights of access
A Data subject is entitled to demand information at any time and find out whether Exalt Digital is processing any personal data. In the instance when this is the case they are entitled to demand information about the data stored and request a copy of the data. More specifically, they can find out:

  • The purpose of the data collection and processing
  • The exact type/categories of the data in question
  • Information about categories of recipients, or the recipients of their data
  • The predicted time period during which the data is expected to be stored as well as the criteria according to which this period is determined (this is not always possible, though even when it is not, there still should be criteria to say that is the case)
  • Information about the data subject’s rights. Namely the right to object to the extent of processing, or request the rectification or erasure of the data
  • The right to file a complaint with an authority
  • Information about the source of the data
  • Whether there is automated decision-making, namely profiling with details on the logic used for the process, as well as the purpose behind it
  • Information about the process, protocols, and systems used to safeguard any data collected (if transferred abroad)


2.8.2 Right of rectification
It is Exalt digital’s duty to allow you an insight into the data collected about you, as well as the right to correct the data should you find they are faulty.

2.8.3 Right of erasure and restriction of processing
A data subject can at any point in time request to be forgotten, that is request the erasure of their personal data. This can be done based on at least one of the following reasons:

  • The data is no longer required as the purpose was eliminated
  • The consent used to collect data was withdrawn and there are no other legal reasons to keep on processing the data
  • The data subject has filed an objection against the processing and there are no other reasons to override the objection
  • The personal data was processed without the necessary consent, unlawfully


It is a duty of the data protection officer to check the request to exercise this right, check the legality, and confirm there are no conflicting duties which would require further retention of the data even after the purpose has been eliminated.

2.8.4 Right to data portability
Should you wish to transfer or share the data provided to us, we will happily do so either by sending it to you or by forwarding it to another provider. It will be presented in a format which is well-structured and machine-readable. Apart from the data collected with your consent, when possible, this can also be applicable to the data which is automatically collected.

2.8.5 Right of objection
A data subject has the right to object to the processing of their personal data at any point in time, including profiling. This means that the data will not be processed without legitimate reasons on our side which will, in this case, override your objection and put our interests above yours. Processing of the data for advertising purposes is most commonly the subject of this objection.

2.8.6 Profiling and automated individual decision-making
In the instance when there is no specific consent given to Exalt Digital for the automated decision-making and it is not a requirement for a successful completion of a contract existing between you and Exalt Digital, it is your right to demand not to be a subject of an automated decision-making process, namely profiling, when it affects you to a substantial level or has legal effects on you.

2.8.7 right to Withdrawal of a data protection consent
Should you wish to withdraw the consent given to process your personal data, you can do so at any given time. In order to do so, you can contact our data protection officer.

2.8.8 Right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority
As a data subject, it is your right to lodge a complaint with an authority against Exalt Digital in the instance when you feel that there has been an infringement of your rights regarding data protection, or if Exalt Digital fails to respond to your request in due time or in an appropriate way.
You can contact the supervisory authority with jurisdiction in your place of residence.

2.8.9 Restriction of personal data and routine deletion
Any personal data collected are stored only for the length of time required to fulfill the purpose of their processing, or the length of time legally required. When this period expires, the data are automatically blocked/deleted according to official regulations.
When it comes to details collected by the use of cookies, the period is 6 months. For any applications on the website, the same period applies and it is 6 months. Other data retention periods depend on the legal requirements set by a taxation authority and commercial law.
Should you require more details on the exact period the data will be stored for, you can contact our data-privacy officer.

2.8.10 The necessity of collecting personal data, legal and contractual requirements, consequences of non-provision
The personal data collection and processing is required in order to enter into a contract with Exalt Digital. They are also often required by law. If you object to the collection of the data, Exalt Digital will not be able to close a contract and provide the services you requested. If you have any concerns regarding your personal data, the data protection officer will readily explain what the collection and processing mean in your specific case.

2.8.11 Automated decision-making
Even though we are required by law to include your rights regarding automated decision-making, Exalt Digital does not use this method to present their offer and provide services to their visitors.

2.9 Processing special data

2.9.1 Contact us via the website
All available contact details can be found on the website, alongside a contact form. The data from the contact us form is directed to a general email address and, thus, is according to the legal requirements set for a fast-electronic contact.
Any personal data you provide in an email to us or via the contact form will be stored for the purposes of contacting you or processing a request you have forwarded. No record of your personal data will be shared with third parties and if there is a need to contact you, the data will be shared only with the appropriate employee.

2.9.2 Blog comments
The blog on this website is publicly available and it allows visitor’s comments.
Any comment you may leave will be saved with the time and date of the comment, and the pseudonym you use as a username. For security reasons, we also make a record of the IP address the comment originated from. The IP address is only disclosed upon the request by legal authorities in the instance when the comment infringes the rights of any third parties, or the content of it is illegal.
The comment feature is provided by the plugin designed by DISQUS Inc. (USA, CA). It allows you to log in with several of your existing accounts, or to leave a comment without registering at all.
Beware that any personal details you use to register will be shared with DISQUS (USA-based servers). They use cookies, you can visit their website if you are interested in learning more about their data protection terms.
DISQUS Inc. is a signatory to the EU-US Privacy Shield. This is a sufficient guarantee that your data is safely stored.
Similarly, any account a data subject uses to register with DISQUS will enable the provider if such account to collect and process the data subject’s data. Each of the providers has their own privacy policy available on their website. These are Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook
If you use a script blocker before you decide to use our website, you will prevent DISQUS from loading on the website.

2.9.3 subscribing to blog comments
Any visitor to Exalt Digital’s blog may choose to subscribe to blog comments. Upon doing so you will receive a confirmation email to ensure that the person subscribing owns the email they have provided. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

2.9.4 The application process, data protection in applications
In order to complete the application process, we will electronically collect and process the personal data you provide.

2.9.5 Privacy Policy re Google Analytics
Google Analytics component is integrated with and it enables web-related analysis on the website. The main focus of the component are details about:

  • The referrers (websites which led Exalt digital’s website visitors to the website)
  • The pages visited on the website
  • How often certain pages were visited
  • The time each visitor spent on a page

The purpose of the details is website optimization. The IP address collected is shortened and thus anonymized.
Google Analytics belongs to Google LLC (USA). Google mainly uses the data to analyze the website, compile reports, and provide other services as requested by Exalt Digital.
Google Analytics uses cookies. Each time you visit the data is transferred to Google (USA). Google acts according to their own privacy policy and may share the collected information with others.
Google LLC is a signatory to the EU-US Privacy Shield designed to keep your data safe according to EU regulations even when collected by a US company. Each company participating in the Privacy Shield is doing so voluntarily and it shows that the company is committed to the privacy of personal data.
If you do not wish for Google LLC to collect the cookies, you can disable this option in your browser, or delete any cookies set by Google Analytics. There is also a browser add-on which can disable cookies for you.

2.9.6 Privacy Policy regarding Facebook
Exalt Digital has integrated Facebook components such as buttons for sharing and evaluating content on the website. Facebook Inc. (USA) is the operator of Facebook Ireland Ltd. is the controller for data subjects residing in the EU.
The component was integrated for the purpose of promoting our services by sharing our content.
Facebook Inc. also participates in the EU-US Privacy Shield as a part of their own decision and to show the willingness to protect data subjects’ personal information.
Each visit to one of the pages where the component is integrated automatically displays the component and transmits the collected data to the operator. The data collected is the record of the page/website you visited and your IP address.
When a visitor is simultaneously logged into their Facebook account, the information collected will be assigned to the account. In this instance, the record of any actions performed with the Facebook component is automatically assigned to the account and saved as personal data. On the other hand, when the visitor is not signed into Facebook, the operator receives the data but does not further assign it to an account.
When it comes to the collection, processing, and further use of personal data, Facebook acts according to Facebook’s privacy policy available on their website. If you want to keep your actions anonymous, as a prevention method you can log out of Facebook before you visit our website.

2.9.7 Privacy policy regarding LinedIn
Exalt Digital integrated LinkedIn components to this website. As LinkedIn is a social network for business contacts, the reasons we use this component is to connect to our visitors and potential clients.
The LinkedIn operator is LinkedIn Corporation (USA) and LinkedIn Ireland for non-US citizens. They are a signatory of the EU-US Privacy Shield.
Every visit to one of the pages of our website using the plugin will download the component from LinkedIn automatically. The data collected include IP address and websites.
To prevent LinkedIn from assigning any details to your account, you should log out of LinkedIn before visiting our website. If you are logged in, all actions and the data collected will be saved and assigned to your account.

2.9.8 Privacy policy regarding Twitter
Exalt Digital also uses Twitter components on certain pages of the website.
The operator behind Twitter is Twitter Inc. (USA).
Twitter Inc. participates in the EU-US Privacy Shield. The purpose of the Privacy Shield is to keep private data of all EU citizens safe according to the EU standards while allowing the processing of the data on behalf of US companies.
Once a visitor decides to visit a page containing a Twitter button, the component is downloaded. In this process, the visitor’s data is transmitted to Twitter, namely the IP address and a record of the visited websites. The purpose of the component is for the visitors to freely share our content and thus promote our business.
If you are logged into your Twitter account during this process, Twitter will automatically assign these actions and the data collected to your account. Log out of your Twitter account prior to entering the pages of our website if you wish to prevent the assigning of the data to your account.
Twitter is governed by its own privacy policy which is available on their website.


3. The validity of the disclaimer

The above-stated provisions are a part of, the website these provisions refer to. Should it happen that any of the provisions are no longer, to an extent or entirely in compliance with applicable laws, all other portions of this disclaimer remain valid.

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