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Express Hearing Store is a project set to assist people with impaired hearing. The main objective is to make hearing aid devices available at very affordable prices. They insure their offer represents only the finest selection within the price range and also include all necessary accessories which enable and improve the functionalities of the hearing devices.

The Logo

This Logo is a combination mark. It consists of a pictorial mark which is a clear presentation of a simplified ear with a hearing aid device, and a wordmark representing the name of the website. The colors used are black and orange. Black is used as a base to ensure simplicity, elegance, and the strength of the message. Orange comes in as a “controversial” element to spice up the message. Used only to accentuate the logo, with its vigorous energy and optimism it draws attention to the logo and prompts people to act.

The color scheme

The rest of the website features less color black (used only with fonts) and more white. White is used as a clean background which makes the products sold on the website clearly visible to their finest detail. Apart from the two colors, Express Hearing Store includes turquoise and deep green. Both of these are meant to relax. In addition, the deep green also does an excellent job at accentuating the borders of the pages and providing clear structure.


RGB (64, 175, 165)

Deep Green

rgb (42, 67, 68)


rgb (240, 156, 65)

Main pages

Express Hearing Store is a simple-to-use e-commerce website. It focuses on user experience and not testing the patience of its target audience. The main menu is quite simple and it features only the top offer, products, frequently asked questions, and a way to contact the support team. There is also a quick search button, a create an account CTA, and a shopping cart to make current balance visible at any time.

Other pages

Another way the use of the website is simplified is by the fact that purchases can be made without an account so no need for logging in if one doesn’t want to. The create account option is however quite helpful for returning customers.

Digital Marketing

Step number one of the process was to determine who the target audience is. This was done by the Exalt Digital team in collaboration with the Express Hearing Store team and their many years of experience in the industry. By doing this and creating the three marketing personas, we were able to move forward, create the website as it is and most importantly plan keywords which are to be used in the PPC campaigns.
As per the customer’s wish, PPC is currently the main method of driving traffic to the website.

Express Hearing Store is also a lead generation website. Due to this, it was even more important to create a visually appealing, user friendly solution. The main focus of the lead generation in this case is the quality of leads. With the specific nature of the products offered, Express Hearing Store is looking for leads which will approach them with already a substantial level of engagement as often as possible. Thus we can find the forms placed on all key sections of the website, including the navigation bar and product description section in the store itself. As mentioned above, one does not have to create an account to make a purchase, but those who do will most likely show high engagement. In addition, each customer who makes a purchase will also be recorded as a lead.

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