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ID Hearing Test

ID is an online app designed to assist people who suspect they might have suffered noise induced hearing loss. The app enables them to test their hearing from the comfort of their own home and receive the results, along with actionable advice, in their preferred inbox.

The Logo

When it comes to the logo, it could be defined as a combination of a lettermark and a wordmark. The main theme is industrial deafness, which is generally abbreviated as ID and it has been done for the purposes of this website/app. The ID was combined into a handsome lettermark, accompanied with a wordmark “testing” to indicate what the app is all about. The sign is memorable, yet clear and leaves no doubt about the purpose of the website. Pink, blue, and white are used on a dark background to stand out from the rest of the page, yet be in sync with the general color pattern.

The color scheme

The color scheme used is less than aggressive. The main background is of a light shade of blue which is close enough to white to make dark letters stand out, and just not white enough to make even white objects stand out with a s light use of borders. The said borders and CTA buttons combine shades of pink. Azure blue is used as another color to draw attention to objects on a page.


RGB (239, 34, 88)


RGB (13, 43, 71)


RGB (9, 109, 255)


The website consists of four pages required for the app to serve its purpose. The first page is a questioner which provides some insight into the background of a visitor’s relevant employment history. The second page is a volume test and a set up. Page 3 is the test itself accompanied by audio and written instructions. Page number 4 is designed to collect the very basic contact details of the website visitor. The app has to be as easy to use as possible which explains the simplicity and the minimalist approach to the design.

Digital Marketing

This online app is designed and customized for the purposes of a company advertising compensation claims for all those who may have been exposed to noise at work during the course of their lives. As said above, it is meant to provide simplicity and convenience to their prospective customers, and possible lead generation channel.

The majority of the business’s existing leads (regardless of the channel they came through) will be instructed to use the app due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness for the business and the customer. It will also be available to any curious visitors of their website who by choosing to leave their contact details will become new leads.

The app is advertised as a part of their services, on their website and social media and is included in the digital marketing strategy of the website. The existing strategy was adjusted to accommodate this new prominent feature and make the services available to a broader market, including adding new keywords. The ID testing is also featured in their promotional videos.

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